Bridge to Kim Cuong Island completed on May 30

Posted: 18-04-2018

The bridge will activate the development of a high-class urban area along the Saigon River and contribute to reducing traffic jams for My Thuy, District 2 intersection.

On April 17, Mr. Le Ngoc Hung, Director of the Urban Traffic Management Area No. 2, investor of the Department of Transport, said that after more than six months of building the bridge to Kim Cuong Island, District 2, it has reached more than 80% of the volume and by May 30 will be completed and opened.

Today (April 17), the entire deck from Mai Chi Tho Street to Kim Cuong Island of more than 22 meters wide for four lanes has been completed
with concrete pouring for surfaces of many spans; the remaining spans (in the picture) are being constructed with reinforcement

Part of block wall and the road adjacent to the abutment on Mai Chi Tho Street are being urgently constructed

Outside the block wall is a parallel road being constructed

At the part of bridge on the side of Kim Cuong Island, the deck which has just been finished pouring concrete in the previous night is covered with sacks
and watered for curing. In the picture, engineers on the project are checking curing quality of the deck after pouring concrete


The bridge to Kim Cuong Island includes items: overpass crossing Giong Ong To River with 291 m long and 22 m wide for four lanes; build embankments along the Saigon River connecting the existing embankment, 254 m long; build a road along Saigon River connecting existing riverside road, 416 m long; build a complete greenery and lighting system, etc. The total investment for the project is VND 493 billion.

The item of embankments and roads connecting to the bridge on the side of Kim Cuong Island is under construction

At the construction site, the work of checking material quality together with pavement and deck structure is carried out throughout and detailed in each item so that until the traffic clearance is allowed, it will ensure high quality. In the photo: the engineer is taking a sample of newly compacted pavement to check material quality

After completion, Kim Cuong Bridge will have the same shape as in this perspective

According to Mr. Le Ngoc Hung, the early use of the bridge to Kim Cuong island will help the cars (except heavy trucks and container trucks) flow and separate from Mai Chi Tho and Dong Van Cong Streets. And from here there is an additional route through high-class residential area along the Saigon River, connecting to Thanh My Loi residential area and contributing to reducing congestion for My Thuy intersection. Thanks to the bridge, this road also contributes to speed up the urban and population construction speed here in the coming time.


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