At Hung Thinh Incons, we always consider people a decisive factor to the success of a company. Hung Thinh Incons always strives to create a friendly, professional and equal working environment - where every individual has the opportunity to learn from experienced engineers and experts to improve skills from large projects and develop their solid career paths.

As a member company affiliated to Hung Thinh Corporation, Hung Thinh Incons inherits similar welfare regime and human resource policy, thereby giving employees the best working environment. Its competitive and worthy remuneration policies are always considered attractive factors to attract talents in the labor market. In addition, we also pay a special attention to the development of human resources through periodic and effective deployment of training programs to improve knowledge and professional qualifications for officials and employees.

In order to continue to affirm our brand reputation and expand our operations as a general contractor of many large-scale projects all around the country, we always welcome excellent, experienced and enthusiastic colleagues to join Hung Thinh Incons.