Posted: 24-04-2023

In the afternoon of 21 April 2023, Leaders of Ho Chi Minh city Department of Natural Resources and Environment met Leaders of Hung Thinh Corporate to solve legal problems regarding investment procedures and issued Certificates for clients, residents of six projects invested in the province by the Corporation.

Accordingly, problems related to the investment procedures of two projects invested by Hung Thinh Corporation were addressed. Ho Chi Minh city Department of Natural Resources and Environment signed and issued 2 documents of which problems of Dat Phuong Nam project ( Thu Duc city) -  commercial name of Moonlight Avenue and Vinh Tien project (Binh Tan district) – commercial name of Moonlight Centre Point were solved.


Moonlight Centre Point project in the center of Ten Lua area, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city

For the projects with recommendations on issuing Certificates to customers and residents: A meeting was held to completely address this issue for 04 projects. Thereby, in the Quarter II, 2023, certificates will be provided to more than 2,000 apartments, commercial area belonging to 04 projects, including Moonlight Park View – remaining commercial part; Moonlight Boulevard; 9View Apartment and 8X Dam Sen. 

At the meeting, representatives of Hung Thinh Corporation presented difficulties regarding legal problems, including investment procedures, certificates which are affecting the implementation, completion schedules and causing huge impacts of enterprises’ business plans and customers’ benefits. Especially, problems and specific proposals about Dat Phuong Nam project (Thu Duc city), Vinh Tien project (Binh Tan district), Moonlight Park View project - the remaining commercial part, etc. 


Moonlight Avenue Project in the center of Thu Duc city, Ho Chi Minh city

Director of Ho Chi Minh city Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Nguyen Toan Thang and head of Divisions under the Department listened to the presentation and proposal of the enterprise with a strong spirit of accompanying with and supporting the enterprise to handle to difficulties. The intervention of Department of Natural Resources and Environment helped to solve legal problems faced by six projects presented in the meeting.

Ho Chi Minh city Department of Natural Resources and Environment provided guidance so that Hung Thinh can soon finish the necessary steps for the remaining projects, thereby completing the issuance of certificates for residents.

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