Market News

Market beats on February 14: VN-Index rose for the fourth consecutive session

Posted: 14-02-2019

At the end of today's session, the VN-Index rose 7.09 points, or 0.75%, stopped at 952.34 points. This was the fourth consecutive gaining session since the trading market started in the year of Earth Pig.

BSC forecasts: Vn-Index may reach 960 points in February

Posted: 13-02-2019

According to BSC, in positive case, Vn-Index would increase to 960 points with rotation of large stocks. Liquidity would remain at medium level and tend to increase gradually at the end of the month.

What do securities companies say about a spectacular breakthrough of the market in the spring opening session of the year

Posted: 11-02-2019

In the spring session of the year of earth pig 2019, Vietnam stock market has made a spectacular breakthrough when it increased by more than 17 points to 926.1 points.