Market beats on February 14: VN-Index rose for the fourth consecutive session

Posted: 14-02-2019

At the end of today's session, the VN-Index rose 7.09 points, or 0.75%, stopped at 952.34 points. This was the fourth consecutive gaining session since the trading market started in the year of Earth Pig.

Moreover, the VN-Index has also reached the highest level in the past 2 months. Looking back in today's trading session, the HOSE index increased thanks to the large contribution from VIN stocks (VIC, VHM and VRE) and big ones like VNM and VCB.

The number of stocks that declined today was higher than the number of stocks rising; Moreover, many stocks in VN30 group also dropped into red like GAS, CII, DPM, EIB, GMD, TCB, VJC, VPB, etc.

Even in god of Wealth day, PNJ also lost its points.

The total trading volume today reached nearly 230 million stocks, equivalent to VND 5,478 billion. If matching orders were taken into account, HOSE had liquidity of VND 3,260 billion.

The HNX-Index returned with a decrease as at the opening when stopping at 106.12 points, down 0.35%; UPCoM-Index decreased by 0.72%.

Morning session: Waited for sudden changes in afternoon

The market closed the morning session with mixed uptrend on both exchanges. Trading volume reached over 141 million stocks, equivalent to VND 3,642 billion.

Bright spot of trading of main session as MSN was net purchased by foreign investors more than thousands of billion dongs.

The market seemed to have forgotten PNJ stocks on the god of Wealth day. Accordingly, PNJ fell slightly in this morning session and the trading volume was not too high.

VJC had the second consecutive losing session after VietJet Air aircraft rocked their tires on landing at Tan Son Nhat Airport

HPG did not change its price after 3 previous consecutive gaining sessions before. However, positive point was that foreign investors still maintained a quite large net purchasing in this code. HSG and NKG still increased their points, but VIS and POM declined.

Among construction sector, HBC was increasing by over 3.3%; this stock started to increase sharply from the beginning of this February; especially, the last 4 sessions had very high liquidity, a move showing that investors was returning to this big man.

10h45: Foreign investors net purchased more than 14 million MSN stocks

Foreign investors was currently net purchasing more than 14 million stocks of MSN, equivalent to VND 1,200 billion, mainly by put-through transactions at the beginning of this morning session.

Returning to movements of the two exchanges, the VN-Index started struggling but still remained above 950 points. Meanwhile, HNX-Index decreased slightly and was looking to return to the reference level.

GAS, VJC, TCB and BID are now "criminals" making the market unable to accelerate. On the other side of the front line, VIC with an increase of more than 2.5% was the strongest support for the index increase.

The market was generally fairly balanced; the number of gains and losses were approximately the same. Domestic investor sentiment still followed main developments in the meeting of two US-Chinese leaders to discuss trade agreements.

CTF stocks suddenly dropped at this morning session after 3 previous positive gaining sessions; it’s unclear whether the reason is due to profit closing because newly announced business results show that net profit of 2018  had grown well.

Opening: VN-Index still "sweet"

The VN-Index continued to go up in this morning session to move toward the price of 960 points.

The positive of the index came from large-cap stocks that VIC and VHM were two main factors. Besides, VRE, SAB, VNM and GAS also contributed significantly to pulling VN-Index.

MSN stocks were surprised when there was a put-through transaction of over VND 1,000 billion, so total trading value of the whole market was over VND 1,800 billion.

Banking stocks showed signs of adjustment after recent gaining sessions; VPB, VCB and BID are names that have significantly decreased.

The "sweetness" was not for Hanoi Stock Exchange when HNX-Index was down 0.18% due to adjustment of two "big men" ACB and PVS.


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