Vietnam Airlines transferred to the new terminal at Phu Cat airport

Posted: 04-05-2018

On May 3, Vietnam Airlines began to transfer its operations to all flights to and from Phu Cat Airport (Quy Nhon) to the newly built T1 Terminal, completely replacing the old terminal.

With a large area of nearly 3 times of the old terminal (8,100m2) and a modern and synchronous construction design, the operation of T1 Phu Cat Terminal will contribute to improving the quality of Vietnam Airlines' products and services according to 4-star standards, providing a better experience for passengers.

At the new T1 Terminal, Vietnam Airlines has added two check-in counters compared to the old terminal, raising the total number of counters to 8 counters. In it, Business and SkyPriority counters are numbered 03 and 04.

In addition, Vietnam Airlines can open up to 2 more counters when necessary, depending on actual exploitation. Business Lounge, located on the second floor with an area of nearly 300m2 and a capacity of 80 guests, will serve Golden Lotus members and Business Classes of Vietnam Airlines at Phu Cat Airport.

Vietnam Airlines is operating 35 flights/ week to and from Quy Nhon, including 14 flights/week between Hanoi and Quy Nhon and 21 flights/week between HCMC and Quy Nhon.

The number of visitors coming and departing from Quy Nhon in 2017 on Vietnam Airlines and member firm Jetstar Pacific reached more than 619,000 visitors, an increase of 16% compared to the same period.


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