Posted: 10-10-2021

Recently, Hung Thinh Corporation was honored as HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021 (Vietnam Chapter). This is the second time Hung Thinh Corporation has received this prestigious award.

The Award of HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021 was voted and announced by HR Asia Media - Asia's leading prestigious magazine in the field of human resources. In consultation with a group of scholars, government representatives and senior experts in the field of human resource development, the Independent Jury deployed extensive research surveys.


Hung Thinh Corporation was honored as HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 (Vietnam Chapter)


According to the announcement of HR Asia, Hung Thinh Corporation was highly appreciated because the average scores in all criteria were superior to the human resource market. In which, Group score - thoughts, feelings and actions of the collective reached 4.7/5; Self score - Emotions, thoughts and souls reached 4.6/5 and Core score – HR organization reached 4.4/5.

Through the survey, Hung Thinh Corporation also recognized the highlights of employee satisfaction through special human resource policies during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, and became a worthy unit in the list of 115 Vietnamese enterprises with the best working environment in Asia 2021.


Campaign medal and prestigious certificate of HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 Award (Vietnam Chapter) of Hung Thinh Corporation


To achieve the above impressive result, Hung Thinh Corporation has advocated to make human resources become a competitive advantage of the Corporation, always maintained a professional working environment as well as built a strong corporate culture and constantly improved the increasingly better human resource policy.

Especially, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Corporation's Board of Directors has flexibly deployed solutions to promptly orient and join hands to repelling the epidemic. Hung Thinh rapid response team has worked at full capacity to support necessities, medicine bags, quick test kits, oxygen tanks for families of employees who were F0; The fund "We are one" contributed by Hung Thinh with billions of dong has also been actively shared to help the employees with limited income and affected by the epidemic to stabilize their lives. In particular, the salary and bonus regimes of all employees are adequately secured for a long time to work from home.



Hung Thinh Corporation continuously organizes and maintains internal activities during the period of social distancing


Not stopping there, a series of online talkshows, internal training activities to supplement knowledge, "spiritual vaccine" workshop, "Hung Thinh in my mind is" writing contest, Mini game every night with a series of attractive prizes… were also continuously held for more than 4,000 officers and employees to connect, spread and maintain a strong corporate culture. Thereby, the officers and employees were always at ease, ready to be in a state of mind and spirit to unite to overcome difficulties together.

Once again, HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2021 Award demonstrated the collective culture rich in identity, all for employees - Hung Thinh's most valuable resource and also extended the list of outstanding award of the Corporation, at the same time contributed to enhancing Hung Thinh Corporation's position and creating many connection opportunities in the international arena in the coming time.


HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2021 (Vietnam Chapter) Award is held annually to honor enterprises that have outstanding HR policies, leading working environment and regularly organize exciting internal activities to connect employees.

In 2021, the award attracted the participation of thousands of major enterprises in 13 countries and territories in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, etc. In which, Vietnam is the country with the most number of award-winning enterprises, ahead of Taiwan with 96 award-winning companies. This is the fourth year the award has been held in Vietnam. To select the list of companies with the best working environment, HR Asia Magazine surveyed 581 Vietnamese enterprises with more than 30,000 employees.

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