Posted: 16-12-2020

On December 16, 2020 morning, Khai Thinh Real Estate Joint Stock Company (Project Investor) and Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock Company (Hung Thinh Incons - TS: HTN) held the Topping Out Ceremony of 2 Blocks of Mercury and Uranus of Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex project. This was an important milestone marking the project to enter the finishing phase for handing over to customer.

Launched to the market in May 2018, Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex is located on a land fund that is "solicitously welcomed" by many customers, the project is located in front of Dao Tri street and its front is Saigon River with prosperity and good fortune. With a combination of strengths including location, regional utilities and more than 50 inner amenities, Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex is not only a classy residence but also an ideal choice for investors. Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex was voted as the Best Complex in Vietnam in the Best Mix-Used Development Vietnam category in the framework of the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2018. The project is developed by Hung Thinh Land and undertaken by Hung Thinh Incons as General Contractor.

In 2020, two waves of COVID-19 had a strong impact on the entire economy. Particularly in the construction field, the social distancing slowed the construction progress of projects. Topping out of two blocks of Mercury and Uranus reached the finish line on schedule but still ensured the quality of the project, which proved that the construction capacity of Hung Thinh Incons was always maintained. After the topping out ceremony, two blocks of Mercury and Uranus began to enter the finishing process. Besides, the construction of 2 blocks of Saturn and Venus has been also speeded up for preparing the topping out in the near future.

Some photos at the topping out ceremony:


The topping out ceremony of Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex project recorded the presence of:
Mr. Huynh Thanh Tu - Project Director of the structural construction phase cum Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Incons (third from left);
Mr. Tran Kim Hai - Project Director in the finishing phase cum Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Incons (second from right)
Mr. Do Anh Tu - Standing Deputy Committee, Project Management Board (3rd from right)
Mr. Huynh Thanh Thai - Commander of the project (rightmost)


The company’s Board of Directors together with representative of the project management board, the Site steering committee took commemorative photo at the topping out ceremony


Overall of block Mercury, block Uranus, block Saturn and block Venus of the project of Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex


Block Mercury and block Uranus have the structural part finished

The others: