Hung Thinh Incons listed additional 39.6 million shares after paying dividends successfully, charter capital increased by 80%

Posted: 30-12-2021

Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock Company (Ticker symbol: HTN) announced that it has successfully issued more than 39.6 million shares to pay dividends in 2020, bringing total number of securities after the listing change to 89,116,411 shares, equivalent to an increase of 80% of charter capital to more than VND 891 billion. This has been the highest dividend rate paid since HTN was listed on HOSE in late 2018.

According to a representative of HTN, this increase in charter capital not only shows solid business results for recent years but also aims to improve capital capacity to promptly implement the Company's set business plans. The company is developing cooperation with real estate project investors and preparing the potential to expand into the field of infrastructure construction.

Closing the session on December 29, HTN shares reached a price of 44,600 VND/share, 2.3 times higher than at the beginning of 2021, the market capitalization value reached VND 3,974 billion, partly showing confidence and companion of investors with the Company.


Q7 Saigon Riverside Complex project in December 2021 built by Hung Thinh Incons as the general contractor

In the context of the economy being heavily affected and interrupted by Covid-19 pandemic, Hung Thinh Incons overcame the most difficult times and maintained business results as planned, while continuing to set new strategic directions for 2022-2026 period. By completing HTN's dividend payment on schedule, the Company demonstrates its commitment to constantly growing and reaching higher to affirm its position as a leading brand in the Vietnam construction industry.


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